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The story of coffee is a global one,
my part in it started 10 years ago.

Once I was alone, depressed, and suicidal. One small act of kindness, a cup of coffee bought for me by a new friend, completely changed my life. This is how my journey towards using coffee to change people’s lives began.



Caffeine Crawl Portland: 5 Tips

Another month, another awesome Caffeine Crawl event is coming up! Read these 5 tips from a Crawl Veteran on how you can get the most out of the events.

Three Ways to
Get Involved

This is how we change the world, together.

1. Share Your Story

If you have a unique story about how coffee has affected your life, I would love to hear it!

2. Share a Coffee

My life changed when a stranger bought me a coffee. Let’s do it for someone else.

3. Share the Love

Order your beans through the Coffee Love Bomb and support charitable causes!