BTW Coffee Love Bomb #1

The Roosevelt Coffeehouse

So, it begins…

With Caffeine Crawl Columbus right around the corner, I knew that I had to look to one of my favorite coffee cities to kick off the first BTW Coffee Love Bomb. The fact that the non-profit The Roosevelt Coffeehouse is in Columbus as well made my search incredibly easy.

I’ve been following this coffee company since my friend and fellow barista Hannah Smith first introduced me to the founder Kenny Sipes over a year ago. They’ve been an inspiration to the Columbus coffee scene, and the industry as a whole, with their mission of combating human trafficking and other injustices, supporting organizations that bring food and fresh water to regions around the world, and raising awareness of major issues plaguing many poverty-stricken communities. 

In short, The Roosevelt represents exactly what the BTW Coffee Love Bombs are trying to do, but on a foundational level and operating on these goals at all times. When another good friend of mine, Rachel Terschak, joined the Roosevelt’s barista team at the beginning of Summer 2016, I got to know even better just how genuine and honorable the core of the organization was. 

From an interview with Columbus Underground, Kenny had this to say about how they use their craft coffee service to help relieve those who are suffering.

Justice – Our profits will go to organizations fighting the injustices of hunger, unclean water, and human trafficking both locally and around the world…. Although our heart is justice, a premium coffee experience is our primary goal. We want you to love the coffee and we will take care of the justice. And if you want to know more about our giving it will be an open book.

It is with great joy that I get to name them as the first recipient of the new run of Coffee Love Bombs today.

What is a coffee love bomb?

We all buy coffee for the house already, why not let some good come of it?

That’s the premise of the coffee love bombs. Instead of just buying our coffee at the nearby grocery store, why don’t we make sure our money is being spent on the causes that we care most about?

When one of us buys our coffee from local coffee shops that are working to change the world, then a small amount of good is done. When MANY of us do that, though? The impact that we can have just ordering coffee beans as we already normally would can have a profound effect on the success of those companies. 

Imagine if 5 of us order one bag of coffee beans from The Roosevelt Coffeehouse together; that’s an additional ~$50 that goes towards the programs that they are supporting. But what if 10 of us do it? Or 100 of us? 

Through the simple act of being intentional with who we order our coffee beans from, we can help some of these organizations in a huge way.

OK, so how do we do this?

Each Coffee Love Bomb will be a little different, depending on what the target company is doing to raise funds for their respective causes. With The Roosevelt Coffeehouse, we actually have three different options:

1. Buy Some Beans

The Roosevelt Coffeehouse does not have a way to order bags of coffee beans directly online, but if you’d like me to pick you up a bag when I visit next week, I will be more than happy to ship it to you.

Order Your Coffee Beans

2. Donate Directly

If you don’t need to order a bag of coffee right now or prefer to support The Roosevelt Coffeehouse directly, you can still get involved through their official 501(c)(3) donation page.

Donate and Support

3. Visit Their Shop

Being a Non-Profit Organization means that 100% of the profits of The Roosevelt Coffeehouse go toward their causes. Visit them in Columbus, OH and see just how brilliant this coffee shop is.

Get Directions

Are you in?

If so, I’d really appreciate it if you’d use the form below to shoot me an email about how you’re getting involved.

If you would like me to grab you a bag of coffee when I visit The Roosevelt Coffehouse on September 24th, please tell me how many bags and of what kind of coffee you would like me to get for you. I will send you an email in response on the day of purchase with a photo of the receipt (and a shipment tracking number) so you can know that your order was successful!


I’m looking forward to doing many more of these Coffee Love Bombs in the future with you all. If you have a shop or roaster you’d like to nominate for a future iteration of this event, drop me a line at [email protected].

Fireworks Photo Cred: kazuend

P.S. – For those wanting to buy a bag of coffee, I’ve added $5 onto the average cost per bag to cover the shipping cost to you. If you’d like more than one bag of coffee, you can adjust the price on the PayPal payment page and add $15 for each additional bag to the total amount. 

Any extra money left over will be donated to The Roosevelt Coffeehouse directly. I’m not keeping any of it.