What’s your story?


Coffee changes lives. 

That’s a bold statement, but it’s one that I’m not willing to argue about. I have seen with my own eyes, and experienced with my own life, how coffee has the ability to transform people and communities. 

But you don’t have to settle for only my words telling you this. You can read the BTW Blog where people all around the world are given a place to let their stories be heard, or you can read a few just a little further down on this page.

Your story could be the one someone needs to hear the most. Will you share it with us?

Did you meet the love of your life through a coffee shop? Did you invite a homeless man or woman to join you for a cup of compassion?  Do you know about a coffee roaster that works within their community to make people’s lives better? Have you gone to a coffee shop that runs a suspended coffee program to bring smiles to more people’s faces?

I would love to hear your story and feature it on this website! Click the button below and you’ll be taken to a form where you can submit your story.  

Don’t worry about it being “complete” or fitting some other kind of criteria. It’s important to me to share your true story in exactly the way that fits it best, and I’ll be happy to help you get the words just right. Fill out the form and let’s do this together.  🙂

“She had moss coloured eyes,


which was rare. Green is my favourite colour. She had called me to the smokey bar to discuss various philosophies. I was good at that. We sipped coffee. She said that the meaning of life was “Letting go”. Then we left the bar and the coffee. 

All my life I held onto nonsense thoughts. Anxiety brewed. And it brewed. The result was my inability to see the good in myself. I scolded myself. 

My meeting with the green-eyed lady left an imprint. Before, life was bitter tasting but I learned to let go and with time the taste sweetened.”

– Amber Marwaha

“My job likes to take me to a lot of cool places

(okay, mostly all around Michigan). My favorite thing to do while I am out traveling is to visit as many local coffee shops as I can. I’ve learned so many cool things about the cities and gotten some incredible food recommendations along the way as well.

One evening I was in Rochester Hills, MI and I stumbled upon a great shop in the downtown area. I had had a long day of traveling and looked pretty disheveled, but I just told myself all I needed was a cup of coffee and spot to read a good book.

The minute I walked in, an older gentleman looked at me and had this slight smile about him. He walked right up to me and said, “I’m reading that book right now, can I buy a cup of coffee so we can talk about it?” I haven’t had someone speak to me that boldly since a Brown’s fan tried to tell me they had a shot at the Super Bowl this year!

Ed was a 68 year old man that had so much wisdom and love in his heart. We talked, laughed, and learned from each other and I left that evening feeling refreshed about… well… life! Coffee seems to be a common factor among a lot of the incredible people I’ve gotten to know.”

– A.J. Searle

“Working in a coffee shop helped me

find my voice. When I was 17, I got my first job as a barista in a local shop. I didn’t drink coffee then; my only experience was accidentally taking a huge gulp out of my grandma’s coffee thermos, which I for some reason, thought was Pepsi. My best friend worked there and convinced me to apply.

It was the first thing I did on my own. My sister, who is less than two years younger than me, participated in all of the same school activities I did. My parents volunteered for everything they could at our school. I love my family and greatly appreciate being able to spend so much time with them, but I was introverted and their constant presence became a crutch.

Working as a barista, I talked to strangers which was new to me. I only worked at the coffee shop for 5 months before graduating and taking starting a summer internship before going to college, but the things I learned stuck with me.”

– Courtney Denning

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